Kettlebell Abdominal Exercises: The Halo

kettlebell woman 150x150 Kettlebell Abdominal Exercises: The HaloAbdominal exercises are a key component of our strength training workouts for fat loss. There are a million different ways to include abdominal exercises. Planks, side planks, mountain climbers, leg raises, roll-outs. The list of effective ways to strengthen your core and abdominals goes on and on. Today, we are showing one of the best kettlebell abdominal exercises, the Kettlebell Halo.



Here is Adam Steer from Shapeshifters demonstrating the Kettlebell Halo.



As always, Adam does a great job with clear and precise technique pointers in his exercise videos. Be sure to keep your abs and glutes braced and your back straight.

Also, tucking your elbows correctly is a big deal with the Kettlebell Halo. For me, this was a little awkward at first. If you are anything like me (uncoordinated, big feet, can’t walk and chew gum at the same time), getting the elbow tucks down might take a little practice. It’s not a bad idea to take it slow and easy with the lightest dumbbell you can find. After you are comfortable with the techniques, grab a kettlebell and have at it.



There are all kinds of ways to add Kettlebell Halos to your stregth training workouts. Here are a few:

Warm-ups: The halo is a terrific warm-up exercise. It allows movement for your entire core as well as your shoulders, triceps and chest muscles. Works great for me, the halo is now part of my standard warm-up.

Abdominal Circuits: I have been performing abdominal circuits instead of intervals lately. If interested, check out my Ab Finishers post. Anyway, the Kettlebell Halo could be a great addition to your abdominal finisher circuit.

Standard Supersets: Maybe you will want to include the halo in your superset routines. I think it’s a great idea. I would suggest you couple the halo with a leg dominated exercise (squat or lunge).


There we have it – the Kettlebell Halo. A very nice option to include in your kettlebell abdominal exercises routine. Thanks again to Adam Steer for his excellent work.

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Scott Jones writes regularly about fitness and nutrition for weight loss.

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