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Welcome to Strong ‘N Lean Beginners Workout! We discuss all sorts of ways to structure your beginners workout for fat loss and weight loss. Our topics focus on strength training workouts, interval workouts, and adhering to a healthy food guide. We pay special attention to beginners. Getting started with a successful workout and nutrition plan is not easy, believe me I know. Maybe you are a little older (like me). Or maybe you are significantly overweight (like me). We will present many options for you to make progress in your workouts safely and effectively.

Strong ‘N Lean has a Facebook Page and a Twitter page. We hope you will follow along. Also, you can easily subscribe to our blog via your favorite feed reader. All of this stuff is on the right sidebar. And feel free to leave a comment anytime. Your ideas and suggestions are more than welcomed.

Good luck with your workouts and nutrition.

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Healthy Side Dishes Recipes

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Kettlebell Abdominal Exercises: The Halo

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Are You Wasting Time Using Weight Machines?

As you structure your strength training workouts, are you ever uncertain whether to use free weights or weight machines? Many fitness experts (including people I really respect) will tell us that using machines is a “waste of time” or “useless.” […]

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Healthy Food Guide Overview

We often discuss “The Big 3″ components of a successful beginners workout for weight loss and fat loss program. Adhering to a healthy food guide is certainly a critical one. Your strength training workouts and interval workouts are also important. […]

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